When you send emails to customers or vendors or employees, either as simple communications or with reports or forms attached, you can maintain and view the list of emails before and after they are sent, and easily recall previous emails for the purpose of resending. Not only can emails be seen individually, but they can also be maintained in batch groups, where changes to a batch template can set the message content in all emails in the group, simultaneously. And when editing an email, you can open the related customer, vendor, employee or transaction record associated with the email.

Spire email can be configured through SMTP or SendGrid. Understand which is best for your company, with the help of a Spire Consultant. 

With Spire’s built in email functionality, you can:

  • Create full html, rich text or plain text emails
  • Drag and drop files as email attachments
  • List Emails with other record Communications, for reference and avoiding duplicate entry.
  • Confirm successful email send completion
  • Personalize emails when sending to multiple recipients
  • Create and maintain templates for email subject and body
  • Save emails without sending, to be queued for future sending
  • Easily resend emails
  • Configure security over who can create and send emails