Spire Data Conversions

When coming from another accounting or business management software, keeping your company’s data intact is a primary concern.

Our Certified Spire Consultants are experienced in working with businesses who’ve come from antiquated solutions, entry-level packages, contemporary contenders and custom made applications.  

Spire Data Conversions for BusinessVision & QuickBooks Desktop

Convert from QuickBooks Desktop

Growing companies that started with entry-level software soon reach limits in the number of inventory items they can manage, group, or assemble. Subsequently, limiting vendor types or job types can also impact a business’s ability to expand. With Spire, you have room to grow. Users do not have to be added in rigid groups of 5 or 10 but can be added incrementally. Be it one at a time, two, five or as many as they need. There is no change in technology as a company grows from one user to more users. Spire can migrate your QuickBooks Desktop master files and historial data. 

Convert from BusinessVision

Today, mature businesses that have run on the same software since opening their doors are starting to feel the aches and pains that come with age. The systems they rely on cannot always be trusted to produce accurate data and don’t have competitors’ contemporary functionality. Software built on old technology leaves your business vulnerable to risky consequences. Spire is built on contemporary technology using PostgreSQL, a more modern and faster database than BusinessVision’s Pervasive database. Our software has a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API), which allows third-party developers to integrate their solutions. Spire can migrate your BusinessVision master flies and historical data.