Production Manager

The Production Manager add-on lets you control inventory with pinpoint accuracy, reduce unplanned expenses and improve cash flow.

Efficiently plan production from beginning to end and track progress with real-time information on raw materials, costs and production status.


  • Commit raw materials before production begins
  • Link production order to sales orders
  • Customize production builds on the fly
  • Create subassemblies for a single product
  • Track work-in-progress (WIP)
  • Manage production phases with one click
  • Use templates to produce standard or customized products
  • Update templates from within a production order
  • Track revisions to templates
  • Set scrap and yield percentage and add instructions for each production order
  • Assign serial/lot numbers to production order builds and consumption of raw materials
  • Automatically generate requisitions from inventory shortages and create purchase orders
  • Identify shortages based on committed items and date requirements
  • Print production schedules, production orders, and trial build reports
  • Automatically create production orders from sales orders and shortages