Spire Offers Your Business Flexibility & Options

Spire understands that not every business wants to invest in their software the same way.

From the classic onsite model, to cloud-hosting and browser based-applications, Spire offers opportunities to either purchase, subscribe or even lease our solutions.

Where Is Your Spire Located?

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On Premise

Spire has been available as an installed on premise solution on a local area network. While many businesses are moving to cloud-hosting solutions, not every business wants or needs the cloud. Spire On Premise is available for businesses who prefer to have their Spire onsite. Visit our requirements page to see our recommendations for hardware and operating systems. Spire on premise is for those who wish to:

Spire options cloud hosting

Spire Cloud Hosting

Spire Cloud-Hosting offers businesses several benefits. It allows users the flexibility of connecting to Spire any time, anywhere, as long as their Internet connection is reliable. Spire Cloud-Hosting brings a range of advantages:

Accessing Your Spire

spire options for desktop

Spire Desktop

Installed on your workstation PC or laptop, whether you are using Spire on-premise or Spire Cloud Hosting. Launch Spire, select your server and log in to access all modules and data available to you. Accessing your Spire from a desktop in the office or remotely is easy.

spire options for web apps

Spire Web Apps

Spire Web Apps are accessed via a supported internet browser, from any device, anywhere, anytime. Ensure proper settings are met with your IT experts and give mobile access to your team’s road warriors. Spire Web App modules currently available are: Sales, Sales History, Inventory, Customers and Vendors.

Investing In Spire

Upfront Investment

We offer an affordable ERP solution for growing businesses. You can invest in Spire by owning the software license outright and choosing if you want to install Spire on your desired server or have your Spire in a hosted environment we provide to you at a modest monthly rate. Schedule a no-obligation discovery call today and see if Spire fits your needs and budget for new software.


Available on subscription for those businesses who prefer to manage their Spire investment on a month-to-month basis. Spire Subscription allows businesses to have full access to Spire the same way Spire On Premise users do, but without the upfront investment. Spire Subscription is available for Spire On Premise and Spire Cloud-Hosting.

Spire Leasing

Leasing can give your business a major advantage, allowing you to keep your initial expenses low, so that you can direct your cash flow into areas that will grow your business, such as marketing, inventory or hiring. Your business can sign shorter leasing contracts to stay up-to-date on the best technology to grow your profits.

There are several reasons why your business may choose to use lease financing over other methods of financing. Most Canadian companies use leasing because of the speed and ease. Others use it because they want to conserve their cash, lines of credit, or bank borrowing for more strategic purposes.