Become a Spire Authorized Partner

Join a community of accounting and business management software professionals leading the way in unlocking new growth opportunities.

Spire is a fully integrated accounting and inventory management solution for small and mid-sized businesses. With Spire, we automate daily accounting tasks for you and your clients so that you can focus on business growth.

What is a Spire Authorized Partner?

Becoming a Spire Authorized Partner requires completing Spire Academy, thorough onboarding, strategic business development planning, and a commitment to providing excellent service to Spire customers. 

A Spire Authorized Partner provides ongoing support and process improvement solutions to their existing Spire clients while seeking new Spire opportunities. Spire Partners have accounting and business management software experience and understand that a sales strategy is key to a successful practice. Typically, a Spire Partner already has a customer base with either entry-level, antiquated or competing software and knows that one size does not fit all

A Spire Authorized Partner works with small to medium-sized businesses and has a marketing and sales team or resources to help generate Spire opportunities. Spire Partners come to us with a track record of a profitable business and the bandwidth to adopt Spire as their main business management and accounting software solution. As an accredited and authorized Spire Partner, you will work with us to achieve mutual success. We commit deliverables to you and expect that your Spire Partner requirements are met, thus resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Become a Spire Partner to expand your product line

Expand Your Product Line

Stay ahead of the competition by providing your clients a better solution to solve their business challenges.

Become a Spire Partner to target new markets

Target New Markets

Move into new market segments that offer opportunities for growth. Generate new leads to bring in potential clients.

Become a Spire Partner to target win new sales

Win New Sales

Gain new clients and earn more revenue. The Spire Partner Program will give you the support you need to grow your business.

Partner Benefits



The Spire Partner Academy provides Partners with a strong foundation so that they can confidently and competently sell Spire.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Marketing tools are available to help Partners promote their business and Spire. Additional training is available throughout the year for all new features, including specialized sessions to increase product knowledge and develop new market opportunities.

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

Spire Partners receive competitive margins on new sales and annual software assurance. Partners have the opportunity to generate additional revenue streams through training, custom development, and support.


Proactive Support

Our dedicated support staff is available to help Partners troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Partners have the option of offering our User Support Package to their clients. With this package, Partners can focus on growing their business while the Spire Support team takes care of the day-to-day questions.

Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

Spire Partners are listed on our Partner Directory, making it easy for potential clients to find them. Opportunities that come through our lead generation efforts are prequalified and passed along to Partners based on expertise and location. Partners can take advantage of our quarterly promotions to drive new sales.

Spire Partner Application