ERP systems for SME/SMBs – when is it overkill?

Is a full ERP overkill for an SME/SMB (small medium enterprise/small medium business)? Sam Graham, author of several books on the subject of ERP implementations, shares his thoughts. Katie Griffin, our Director of Business Development at Spire, connected with Sam online. Sam kindly shared his thoughts on affordable ERP systems and how Spire is a great option for businesses to consider. Sam took time out of his busy author and influencer schedule to play around with a free trial of Spire. “I really enjoyed playing with the software. I'm looking at it through the eyes of the companies that I have worked with before. I have to say that it's a nice surprise to see just how much functionality there is in Spire.” ~Sam Graham

Business management software

Selecting the right accounting software for your business

Investing in the right software for your business can be vital to its future success. Not only does your software have to be right for you today, in terms of its functionality and features, it also has to be work for you years from now, as your business grows and expands. With that in mind, here are three key points to keep in mind for getting the most out of your business software.


5 W’s of bringing your business online

Working remotely and the options available to us have existed pre-pandemic, yet it's surprisingly still not clear which way to go when considering an “Off Premise” solution. We’ll take a look at the 5 Ws your business should be asking when considering bringing your business online.


Has your business outgrown QuickBooks? 

QuickBooks Desktop has always been the go-to accounting software for small businesses that are just starting out. Although it also serves the needs of early-stage or single-entity companies, many company owners find that they need something more complex as they scale, enter new markets, and add to their product offerings.


Spire Lot Tracking

Thanks to Spire's lot traceability, you can keep check of everything that revolves around your products. All information is on-hand and readily accessible, which makes it easy to check up on products that need to be recalled. With Spire, you can forget about expiry dates causing trouble. As all information is easily accessible and available, you can quickly respond to any products close to expiration.

Managing inventory

5 Tips to help improve your inventory & warehouse management

Loss of inventory control is often the cause of many operating issues. These can stem from more than just one area. Ultimately the consequences of such lead to audit problems, loss in revenue and efficiencies, angry customers, poor employee morale, high inventory holding costs and others. We've identified five common challenges around the loss of inventory control and offer you tips on how to improve your inventory and warehouse management.

CRM for healthy client relationships

Fostering and Strengthening Client Relationships

Healthy client relationships are a crucial part of the success of your business. Fostering and strengthening these relationships requires more than just capturing the financial transactions of your business. It involves using customer relationship management software. Accounting software can only do so much. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is often mistakenly categorized as a sales tool by most business owners, and while it is a fantastic sales tool, a CRM is also mighty in helping to strengthen client relationships. CRMs help businesses understand their customers better than your ERP does.

Cash flow

Cash flow tips to help your small business

At some point, most businesses will hit cash flow issues, even with the best cash flow tips at hand. Sometimes businesses will delay payment to vendors and discount invoices as an incentive to get customers to pay faster. This may seem like a good solution. However, these temporary “solutions” can set the business up for even more cash flow issues. Improving efficiency in the accounting department is a small project that will take little time and can return great results.

Batch accounting and Real-time accounting the Spire Way

For a long time now, real-time accounting versus batch-based accounting has been a subject of debate. In this blog we explore the benefits of each and share how Spire offers batches in some places and real-time accounting in others, where it makes sense.

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