The Inventory module makes it easy to manage your inventory by allowing you to store and maintain detailed records of inventory items. Get real-time information and gain tighter control with robust features that help optimize inventory levels.


  • Supports multiple warehouses
  • Flexible units of measure conversion
  • Comprehensive pricing structure
  • Inactivate or hold items
  • Lot or serial number traceability
  • Allocate and consume lot by receipt dates, lot numbers, or expiry dates
  • Custom filters and searches
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Export selected data  to Microsoft Excel
  • Import data from Microsoft Excel
  • Automatic calculation for suggested reordering
  • Group inventory items
  • Print barcodes from inventory lists
  • Average, FIFO, LIFO and serialized/lot costing
  • Set up physical and non-physical items
  • Add alternate part number for easy substitution
  • Track harmonized customs code and country of origin
  • Edit multiple items in one instance
  • Add accessories to item
  • Add notes and alerts on inventory items