Spire By Industry

Spire’s fully integrated accounting and business management software is designed to meet the needs of operationally focused businesses.

While there are many types of day-to-day requirements, business size, and niche complexities, Spire has features that address what these industries need, right out of the box.

Wholesale Distribution

With Spire, Wholesale distribution companies can meet their business goals by having more efficient inventory management, optimized warehouse control, and automated order fulfillment. With features like lot traceability, workflow and process automation, easy to use filter searches and enhanced operational processes, Spire users gain visibility into their business and are equipped to gain the competitive advantage they need to deal with the supply chain challenges in today’s world.

Examples of Wholesale Distribution Spire users include: Food & Beverage, Medical Equipment, Floors & Tiling, Vehicle Parts, Farming Equipment, Floral Distributors, and so many more.

  • Improved replenishment with accurate inventory tracking using reorder points and requisition from inventory, sales and production
  • Streamlined Order Fulfillment
  • More automated manual processes
  • Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks with reports that tell you what is ready to ship and when it is required
  • Reporting tools to monitor key indicators
  • Real-time data for better decision-making
  • Automatic calculation for suggested reordering
  • Grouped inventory items
  • Printed barcodes from inventory lists
  • Average, FIFO, and serialized/lot costing
  • Physical and non-physical items
  • Alternate part numbers for easy substitution
  • Tracking harmonized customs code and country of origin
  • Editing multiple items in one instance
  • Adding accessories to include with items
  • Adding notes and alerts on inventory items
  • Full integration with AR, AP, GL, and Account Reconciliation modules
  • Tracking purchase and sales orders


With increasing customer demands, manufacturers are under constant pressure to deliver products quicker while trying to keep costs down and improve margins. Spire recognizes the significance of these challenges and has designed a solution to meet the unique needs of manufacturing companies.

Examples of Manufacturing Spire users include: Food & Beverage, Medical Equipment, Floors & Tiling, Doors & Windows, HVAC, Machining, Farming Equipment, Fabrics, Nurseries, Logging, and so many more.

  • Simplified Production Planning
  • Improved Costing
  • Tracking raw materials, purchases, and labour costs
  • Accurate costing to help ensure profitability
  • Setting scrap and yield factors
  • Reduced lead times, and confidence in knowing that you will deliver on time
  • Streamlined and automated production and scheduling processes
  • Custom production and on the fly changes
  • Full integration with AR, AP, GL, IN, PO, Sales and Account Reconciliation modules
  • Access to all vendor history and information
  • Posting purchase orders and sales to jobs
  • Increased production visibility
  • Quicker decision-making with real-time information
  • Reporting tools to monitor key indicators

Service Based

Maintaining and servicing equipment that your business either manufactures or distributes requires you to have strong customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of your service business. With Spire, your team has quick access to all service records, making it easy to track the history of each piece of equipment.

Examples of Service Based Spire users include: Telecommunications, Water Treatment and Maintenance, HVAC, Cleaning Systems, Farming Equipment, Machining, and so much more.

  • Track service history by equipment or customer
  • View/print equipment list and service history reports
  • Send reports directly to customers from within Service Manager
  • Set follow-up dates
  • Have flexible sorting of parts and labour information
  • Create preset filters
  • Perform multiple word searches of all records
  • Customize field names
  • Reassign customer names for each equipment
  • Add attachments and notes for each equipment
  • Open and edit multiple equipment items at one time
  • Automatically include additional surcharges on service orders and invoices
  • Add job headers to each service order
  • Create and link purchase orders to service orders
  • Add equipment to Service Manager from within a sales order
  • Automatically add service packages