Spire By Business Challenge

Spire is a solution for many fast-growing SMBs who face challenges that impede their ability to grow. 

Antiquated technology, feature restrictions, lack of integration, and more mean it’s time for business owners to embrace accounting and business management software with one solution. 

What is your business challenge?

Outdated Software

Today, mature businesses that have run on the same software since opening their doors are starting to feel the aches and pains that come with age. The systems they still rely on cannot always produce accurate data and don’t have the contemporary functionality your competitors have. Software built on old technology leaves your business vulnerable to risky consequences. Spire is built on contemporary technology using PostgreSQL, a more modern and faster database than BusinessVision’s Pervasive database. Spire has a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API), which allows third-party developers to integrate with Spire easily.

Outgrowing Your Software

Growing companies who work with entry-level software find that they soon reach limits in the number of inventory items they can manage, group or assemble. Often, a limit of vendor types or job types can also impact a business’s ability to expand. With Spire you have room to grow. There are no rigid groups of 5 or 10 with Spire, but instead increase users incrementally; be it one at a time, two, five or as many as needed. There is no change in technology as a company grows from one user to an unlimited number of users.

Integration Nightmares

Efficiency is key in every business. When users have to exit one application and enter another to process a simple order, time is wasted and risk of errors is increased. Spire’s fully integrated modules cover your business needs from accounting, operations, sales and communications. For businesses who require niche functionalities and custom enhancements, Spire has a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API), which allows third-party developers to easily read and write Spire data.

Excel Heavy

Microsoft Excel is used in every business, every day. When inventory adjustments, transfers, pricing adjustments, requisitions, phases, and other important business management functionalities are being managed in spreadsheets, a disconnected and fragile work environment exists. The risks of incorrect data, unsuccessful imports and loss of data are prevalent. Spire has business management, communications and accounting built in to avoid being spreadsheet dependent. Choosing the right ERP for your business can help avoid being overly Excel dependant.