6 Tips on Hiring Your Next Employee

The success of your business is directly related to the talents, skills and experiences of your employees. In order to make sure that you are hiring the right people for your business, you will need a system in place that takes into account the following six factors.

1. Company Core Values

Sometimes, the right hire is all about the right fit. To ensure that a new employee will fit in well with your company and its other employees, take some time to consider your organization’s mission and values. For example, an employee coming from a large organization may not be the best fit for a small, nimble startup.

2. Have Clear Expectations

Nobody wants to be hired into a company where it’s not clear where their job responsibilities begin and end. By creating a very specific job description, you can help to avoid this problem. Each description should clearly convey not only the skills and experiences needed to excel, but also the mindset needed to succeed.

3. Structure the Interview Process

Who will a candidate need to meet in order to be hired? In some cases, it might just be HR and the hiring manager. In other cases, you might want the entire team to meet the candidate. And, in terms of the overall structure of the interview, you will want to consider how different questions that attempt to measure a candidate’s behavior, mindset and expectations can be integrated into the overall process.

4. Think Beyond the Simple Resume

The CV is a great place to start when evaluating a candidate. But there’s a lot to consider that just won’t fit on a single one-page document. You can get a sense of the candidate’s accomplishments, but what about what makes them tick? What are their interests, ambitions and priorities?

5. Find Out What Others Think

References are always a good way to check (and re-check) some of your initial impressions about a candidate. And, thanks to social platforms such as LinkedIn, it’s often possible to find people within your own organization who have worked with that candidate. The goal is to get a true, 360-degree view of the candidate.

6. Create an Onboarding Process

Most companies expect their new hire to “hit the ground running” on Day 1, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an onboarding process that will let this new employee know a little more about your organization’s mission, culture and history. The bigger your company is, the more important it is to create a formal orientation program that includes access to training and even mentors. In fact, according to experts, a good orientation program can boost your retention rates significantly.

By following all these tips, it’s possible to create a hiring process that really works. Not only will you be getting a talented and skilled employee, you will be getting one who is excited and passionate about your organization!

Hiring an Accounting Consultant

Accounting consultants are critical to the business world. They help eliminate hang-ups and challenges that many businesses face. However, finding the right accounting consultant can be difficult if you’re not quite sure what to look for. We’ve gathered a few skills to lookout for throughout the process of hiring an accounting consultant.


Accounting consultants should have a significant record of accomplishment under their belt before you consider them for your business. Their experience should reflect skills in driving business improvements and system integrations.

Analytic & Validation Expertise

Analyzing data and utilizing financial information to the best of their ability is a key component for any accounting consultant. Seek out individuals who excel in analytic skills.

Innovative Solutions

Without creativity and efficiency in implementing strategies, an accounting consultant will not be able to truly assist your business. Seek out individuals who have a propensity and proven resume for enhancing client productivity.

Client Focused Strategy

Any consultant you choose to hire should be focused on building your business. However, their work and value is tied up within their knowledge and expertise. In other words, what they can offer your business is directly linked to solutions that they develop. Their solutions should also fit within your budget and guidelines.

Expect to see a proposal with a recommended solution. The proposal should include the scope of the project, timeline, desired goals and expectations, payment schedule and costs for scope change or canceling the project if necessary.

You can hire the right accountant by being proactive and considering the above tips. The result will be a better financial strategy for your business.