Switch to Spire Seminar Recap

The Switch to Spire Seminar in New Westminster, BC was a success! On January 19, more than 50 attendees gathered at the Anvil Centre to hear Spire Systems CEO Al Romeyn speak on some of the challenges faced by current BusinessVision users.

Al Romeyn’s presentation included a demo of the latest Spire features and outlined options for BusinessVision users that wished to move away from outdated technology.

Switch to Spire Seminar Recap
Switch to Spire Seminar Recap
Switch to Spire Seminar Recap
In the afternoon, we invited our partners to a Lunch & Learn at our new office. Al provided an in-depth training session on how to properly install and set up Spire. Based on feedback, our partners thoroughly valued this training and walked away with more knowledge on how to help their customers.
Switch to Spire Seminar Recap
Stay tuned as we’ll be hosting more seminars and training sessions throughout the year.

Comparing Sage 300 ERP, Sage BusinessVision, and Spire

Business accounting software is a must for all businesses today. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the need to lower costs and increase efficiency has never been more important than it is in today’s global market.

With many software vendors out there, it becomes a daunting task to find the right business management software for your needs. We compare Sage BusinessVision, Sage 300 ERP, and Spire to help you understand how each software can help your business.

Sage BusinessVision Software

For the past 5 to 6 years, there have been very few updates to Sage BusinessVision. The software relies on outdated technology such as Pervasive v10 and Crystal Reports v10. Both are no longer supported and there have been no updates to their database or reporting engine. The lack of new features makes it clear that Sage is no longer interested in making BusinessVision a modern business management software.

Sage 300 ERP (Sage ACCPAC)

Sage ACCPAC was renamed to Sage 300 ERP and has been one of the options for BusinessVision users looking for a replacement. Aside from being complex and expensive, Sage 300 is batch-based with no real-time processing. This means that all transactions and orders are processed at the end of the day and your updated data is only available the next day. Batch processing poses a major concern for businesses that carry inventory as you don’t have an accurate view of available stock.

Spire Business Software

Spire is an integrated business accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses with industry-specific needs. With Spire, you get a robust platform that is developed using the latest technologies that will scale as your business grows.

Here is a chart to show you how Spire compares with Sage BusinessVision and Sage 300 ERP.

spire sage 300 erp sage businessvision