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Exceeding Client Expectations

No matter what you’re selling or offering as a service, your client’s expectations will always determine their satisfaction. By being proactive about the process, you can increase customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds, and effectively place yourself ahead of the competition.

Here’s what you can do to keep your clients happy and go above and beyond expectations.


Communication is critical to customer satisfaction. A lack of communication is a bad sign that could create irritation and uneasiness in your clients. A simple check-in and project update can work wonders at increasing your customer’s satisfaction, and can indeed exceed their expectations if executed properly.

Decide On & Beat the Deadline

If your project is defined by a deadline, strive to deliver the work ahead of schedule. That’s not to say you should push the deadline back just so you can exceed their expectations, but do what you can to agree upon deadlines that fit well within your own schedule. Your client will be exceedingly happy if they receive quality work ahead of time.

Offer Exceptional Support

Providing your clients with over-the-top customer service is a hallmark of good business. By being readily available when your clients have a questions will demonstrate that you treat them as your first priority. As a result, your clients will have confidence in your knowledge and feel they are receiving excellent support.

Provide a Plan

When you present a client with a clearly outlined budget, timeline, and project plan, you show them that you care about their project and are serious about getting it done right. Commitment to professionalism and quality work should shine through your proposed plan, so set out to build a flexible outline that will work well with all clients.

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