5 Tips on Motivating Your Team

It can be difficult motivating your team, particularly in a busy office environment. Each individual plays a role in the success of an organization, but motivating a team member to tackle a new project or add additional work to an already hectic schedule can be a challenge.

Here are five tips on how to motivate your team so your business can thrive and grow:

1. Share company vision

Management should regularly share the company’s goals with their team. Set regular meetings, where you can list achievements and share the company’s vision with team members.

2. Develop your employees

Employees should be constantly learning and keeping up with technology and new procedures. Be sure to encourage professional and personal growth. Many businesses pay for a percentage of courses, particularly if they pertain to the business. Have show and tell lunch meetings where employees can chat about their hobbies and interests.

3. Recognize employee achievements

Employees perform better when they know the work that they do matters. Be sure to recognize employee achievements, even if it’s just a thank you at the end of the day. Many firms will honor excellent attendance with a cafe gift card. It doesn’t cost much, yet shows employees that they’re appreciated. If an employee goes out of their way to do a project or spends their own time on it, be sure to reward the employee’s contribution with a larger gift or a bonus.

4. Celebrate success

Celebrate business success with your employees. If a big contract is awarded or a sales achievement is made, bring in a lunch and a cake. Have a meeting and let employees know that the work they did was crucial in landing that big account or increasing sales. Be sure to mention the key players in the company’s success.

5. Create a good working environment

Creating a positive work environment is important to keeping employees engaged and productive. A company culture that encourages a healthy work/life balance will keep employees wanting to come into work each day, not dread it. Ask for input on how to improve the environment. Set company core values that resonate with each employee. Let them know that certain behaviors are frowned upon, and that a respectful, equal environment is promoted for all.

Adapt these five tips on how to motivate your team and it will contribute to the overall success of the company.

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