Running an Effective Meeting

Meetings are on the increase in the business world. This comes in spite of employee disdain. They consider them a waste of time, and for good reason. As a business manager or small business owner, your responsibility is to hold effective meetings that actually increase productivity and engage your employees.

So how can you accomplish this goal? What are a few steps you can take to effectively manage business meetings? We’ve outlined a few tips that can benefit your meetings.

Have a Clear Purpose

Never go into your meetings with a loosely defined objective. Instead, take the time to develop an objective that will benefit your team. Send background materials or topics you’ll cover out to your team members well in advance, and consider sending a list of what the meeting won’t discuss. This will help you stay on track at the meeting.

Set the Tone

Once your team is gathered, you need to take a moment to set the tone for the meeting. Open the discussion up to everybody, and don’t be afraid to lead the way by letting everyone know it’s an open session.

Always Start & Finish On Time

If you can establish yourself as an excellent meeting organizer, your reputation will expand and more team members will show up to your meetings. Starting on time and finishing on schedule will give people a reason to want to be at your meetings. It is also a practice in good manners.

Keep a Tab on Wild Cards

You likely know the individuals we’re referring to, but set a precedent wherein you can effectively move the meeting along if someone rambles on for a bit too long. You’ll save yourself and your meeting from the ultimate downfall—a lack of direction.

Become a better meeting organizer by following the aforementioned tips, and keep your team on track for a more productive outcome.