event planning

How to Plan a Seminar

Planning and organizing a seminar takes months of hard work, especially if you want to generate interest and ensure success. To help you plan your seminar, we’ve outlined a few tips for you to consider.

Define Your Objective

What is the objective of your seminar? Do you define a successful event based on the number of attendees, the leads you generate, or the investment connections received? What topic do you plan to discuss, and who is the target audience for your event? Start planning by answering these questions and outlining what you hope to achieve.

Determine the Date, Location & Time

When and where you hold your seminar will determine its success. Choose a date and time that allows room for you to properly market and advertise it within you niche. Where you hold your seminar is also important. Choose a central location for the best results, and analyze your audience to determine whether a morning, afternoon, or all day session would work best.


Your marketing should focus primarily on the value you offer. Whether your seminar is a free event or not, determine the best way to collect registrants and let them know in your invitation what, if any, fees are involved.


Again, analyze the needs of your audience and what they want to learn, then present solutions to the issues they face in your presentation.


Bring marketing collateral, such as brochures and products sheets to give to your audience. Additionally, consider emergency contact information for the facilities and determine whether a registration list on the day of the event will be necessary.

Follow Up

After the seminar, send thank you emails to attendees and “sorry we missed you” emails for no shows.

Your seminar will be a success if you plan ahead and consider your attendees needs every step of the way.