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Boost Business Efficiency With Spire Lot Tracking Software

Do you own a manufacturing business? Are you operating as a wholesaler? Perhaps you’re in the service industry? If you answered ‘yes’ to one of those questions, Spire lot tracking software can help to significantly boost efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

Manufacturers using our business management software will benefit from:

Lot Tracking Software

What is Lot Tracking Software?

Lot tracking, also known as batch tracking, helps a business with product traceability. This means that when items are received or sent to customers, the software keeps accurate track of inventory. Lot number tracking offers the ability to track product lots through the entire supply chain, which allows you to track groups of products/shipments from the supplier, to the point it reaches your warehouse, to then the customer.

Lot tracking is also an important aspect in achieving compliance with the FDA, CFIA and/or ISO. This is the case if your business is in a sector such as:


Your Business Challenges

If you run a business without batch tracking, you are likely aware of the disadvantages. These issues include:

How Your Business Can Benefit From Spire Lot Tracking Software

Spire boasts many advantages that can give your business an edge over competitors. These include:

recalls are easy

Recalls Are Easy

Thanks to lot traceability, you can keep check of everything that revolves around your products. All information is on-hand and readily accessible, which makes it easy to chase up on products that need to be recalled.

Expiry Dates No Longer A Concern

Expiry Dates No Longer A Concern

You can forget about expiry dates causing trouble. As all information is easily accessible and available, you can quickly respond to any products close to expiration. You can even set it so that products are on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis, where products with the earliest expiry are shipped first.


Communication Made Easy

As you have all the information on-hand, such as a product’s lot number, expiry date and the date of purchase, there’s no need to root around for information when you have to get in touch with a supplier or customer. It’s all there ready to access.


Productivity Is Increased

Ultimately, the implementation of Spire lot tracking software means your business will significantly improve overall. When compared to the time-consuming nature of manual batch tracking, you save time, effort and money with inventory management. You can assign batch numbers to products, and expiration dates seamlessly.

Furthermore, all of these points don’t touch on the fact that Spire’s lot tracking software is an all-in-one package which integrates accounting, inventory and sales management features. It means this one solution can manage your whole business.

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