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Customer Portals in an eCommerce world

Spire Systems and Terracor, our Spire Integration Partner, encourage you to attend this one-hour session where we will be discussing Customer Portals in an eCommerce world. In this casual podcast-style webinar, Keith Webster of Terracor will join Katie Griffin of Spire Systems. Together, they’ll discuss the eCommerce challenges businesses face, and how a customer portal and sales portal can solve many issues as well as help drive revenue for the business.

They will be taking a look at:

    • Common challenges by
        • Industry
        • Technology
        • Consumer standards and expectations
    • Customer Portal & Sales Portal
    • B2B and B2C
        • Differences & similarities
        • What’s trending
    • Personalization
      • Unique customer experience
      • Amazon-like expectations
    • Solutions to common challenges
    • Spire & Customer portal integration
    • 5 tips on how to get your customer portal started

Attendees will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of what customer and sales portals are, how they can benefit the business and what steps need to be taken when considering adding a customer portal.

Guest Speaker: Keith Webster and Katie Griffin


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