What to Do with Low Priority Items

What to Do with Low Priority Items

Every good manager or business owner has a to-do list that keeps them on the straight and narrow. However, issues can easily arise if you’re not simplifying your list wherever possible. For example, if you find yourself spending most of your time replying to customer inquiries, it might be time to pass on this task to a qualified individual. Doing so will help you knock out your to-do list, while at the same time assist you in keeping up with important information.

What is a Purchase Order?

What is a Purchase Order?

Learn how purchase orders can help reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

accounting consultant

Hiring an Accounting Consultant

Accounting consultants are critical to the business world. They help eliminate hang-ups and challenges that many businesses face. However, finding the right accounting consultant can be difficult if you`re not quite sure what to look for. We’ve gathered a few skills to lookout for throughout the process of hiring an accounting consultant.

how to plan a seminar

How to Plan a Seminar

Planning and organizing a seminar takes months of hard work, especially if you want to generate interest and ensure success. To help you plan your seminar, we’ve outlined a few tips for you to consider.

Benefits of Using Your Own Domain Email

Still Using Gmail or Hotmail for Your Business Email Address?

Most small businesses start off using a free email service like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. This helps keep costs low, especially if you’re a new business. However, using a free account as your professional email address may affect your business.

defining your target audience

Defining Your Target Audience

Creating a business plan is an essential step in starting a new business. A business plan will help you define your target audience and give you a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. To define your target audience, four main points must be considered.

tips on motivating your team

5 Tips on Motivating Your Team

It can be difficult motivating your team, particularly in a busy office environment. Each individual plays a role in the success of an organization, but motivating a team member to tackle a new project or add additional work to an already hectic schedule can be a challenge.

setting goals for success

Setting Goals for Success

Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or just starting your first business, setting SMART goals can help define your business priorities with clear objectives that put you on the path to success. SMART goals are defined as: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. Each criteria plays an integral part in creating goals for your company.

Upgrading Your Business Management Software

Upgrading Your Business Management Software

Is your business management software causing more frustration than helping you grow your business? It may be time to consider upgrading to a new solution that will meet your business needs.

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