Become a Spire Partner

Become a Spire Partner

The Spire Partner Program is an excellent opportunity for ERP and accounting software resellers to expand their offerings and grow their business.

Our proven process will help Spire Partners create more value for their clients while generating additional revenue for sustainable success well into the future.

Here are the advantages of becoming a Spire Partner:


The Spire Partner Academy provides Partners with a strong foundation so that they can confidently and competently sell Spire.

Additional training is available throughout the year for all new features, including specialized sessions to increase product knowledge and develop new market opportunities.


Marketing tools are available to help Partners promote their business and Spire. These include marketing guides, hosted websites, campaign templates and co-branded sell sheets.

Partners can also receive market development funding for approved marketing and sales activities.


Spire Partners are listed on our Partner Directory, making it easy for potential clients to find them.

Opportunities that come through our lead generation efforts are pre-qualified and passed along to Partners based on expertise and location.

Partners can take advantage of our quarterly promotions to drive new sales.


A dedicated support staff is available to help Partners troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Partners have access to our partner-specific resources including video tutorials, forums and knowledge base articles.

Partners have the option of offering our User Support Package to their clients. With this package, Partners can focus on growing their business while the Spire Support team takes care of the day-to-day questions.


Spire Partners receive competitive margins on new sales and annual software assurance.

Partners have the opportunity to generate additional revenue streams through training, custom development and support.

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